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Vanessa’s teaching style makes people feel welcome, included, respected and safe. Her 30 year journey through movement has enabled her to develop a practice, which also draws on wisdom from Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, Barre and Somatics, to alleviate stress, fear, anxiety, and soothe the nervous system. Her mission is to offer a unique perspective on how moving mindfully allows our bodies to be more available, free of tension, strong and grounded.

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  • Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, 1 hour, Vanessa

    Our Expert Vanessa will guide you through 1-hour dynamic Vinyasa Flow, focused on spinal rotation. Your core and your back will be particularly challenged, but modifications and advanced moves will be offered throughout. Equipment needed: a mat or a towel for the floor. A yoga brick is also recom...

  • Serene in 15, Yoga, Easing Neck & Shoulders

    With this session you can release tension from your upper body, creating length in your neck and ease in your shoulders.

  • Serene in 15, Yoga, The Hip Opener

    In this session we focus on opening our hips and releasing tension from our inner thighs.

  • Serene in 15, Yoga, Calming Breath Practice

    In this session we focus on slowing down our breath and concentrate our mind with some simple and effective techniques.

  • Serene in 15, Yoga, Love Your Lower Back

    In this practice we stretch our lower back with long held positions including twists and forward folds.

  • Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, 1 hour, Vanessa

    Join Vanessa for this Vinyasa Flow session, designed to strengthen our legs and open our hips. No specific equipment needed, however Vanessa recommends a yoga brick or a book if you feel it is needed for balance and support. Equipment needed: a mat and a brick.

  • Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, 1 hour, Vanessa

    Join Vanessa as she will be guiding you through a 60-minute vinyasa flow, focused on opening our hips, stretching our groin area and strengthening our legs. Equipment needed: a mat and a brick.