Summer Body Series

Summer Body Series

These sessions can be done as a stand-alone or you can combine them to get your body confident for summer.

Summer Body Series
  • Summer Body Series - Barre Basics 1: The Warm Up

    Let Chrissy guide you through this full-body warm-up sequence. You can do this as a stand-alone session or you can combine this warm up with one or several of the other short sessions in our summer series shot at our retreat home, Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas.

  • Summer Body Series - Barre Basics 2: Thighs on Fire

    Join Chrissy for a short but killer thigh-focused session. Designed to lengthen and strengthen your thighs whilst also improving posture and balance. Feel the fire in those thighs and the gentle sunshine on the deck transport you to the Bahamas!

  • Summer Body Series - Barre Basics 3: Beautiful Booty & Backbody

    Join Chrissy under the Bahamian sunshine to activate your back body and lift the booty in this short but super-effective workout. You will start seeing and feeling those results right away. You can also combine this session with the earlier sessions in the series for a longer workout when you h...

  • Summer Body Series - Barre Basics 4: Abs to Go!

    Chrissy is back on the deck guiding you through a strong ab workout designed to activate those core muscles and help you create that lean, sexy waistline ready for summer. Remember you can add this on to one of the other workouts in the series to create a longer session or do this as a stand-al...

  • Summer Body Series - Barre Basics 5: Stretch and Chill

    The final session in the series is designed to calm mind and body and allow the muscles to elongate. Chrissy will guide you through the stretches and breath work step-by-step. You could do this as an evening wind-down or combine it with one of the more energetic sessions in this series.