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Watch this video and more on Silver Linings @Home

Serene in 15, Meditation, Finding your Centre

Serene in 15 • 8m 44s

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  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Counting to...

    The 4-7-8 breathing is a technique proven to bring us into the parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ side of our nervous system. Use whenever you feel overwhelmed, or in need of relaxation, or a shift in mood.

  • Serene in 15, Qigong, Warmup

    Join Tallulah for this 20-minute Qigong session, as she shows a few warmup moves that will help us to relax, get rid of some stress and become more present in our body.

  • Serene in 15, Qigong, Intro

    In this introductory video, our Expert Tallulah will give you a very brief overview of some of the very key parts of Qigong.