Sculpt in 15

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  • Sculpt in 15 - Lower Body Sculpt

    In this brief and energising workout, Chrissy will focus on strengthening and lengthening your thigh and seat muscles. All you need is a mat and prepare to feel the burn and shake

  • Sculpt in 15 - Tris & Thighs

    This session focuses on those hard to tone areas: inner thighs and triceps. We know you are going to love the burn and the results from this short but focussed session. All you need is a mat and Chrissy's guidance.

  • Sculpt in 15 - Seat Sizzel

    A fast moving session designed to tone and lift the glutes. All you need is a mat and Chrissy will help you get that great seat sizzle!

  • Sculpt in 15 - Elongated Thighs

    Want longer leaner thighs? Follow Chrissy through this 15 minute powerful workout and start to really lengthen and tone your quads. All you need is a mat!

  • Sculpt in 15 - Ab Sizzle

    Chrissy will guide you through a flowing sequence of abdominal-focussed exercises leaving those abs sizzling in just 15 minutes.

  • Sculpt in 15 - Backbody Burnout

    Give your back muscles a great workout today. This session will help lift the seat muscles and tone the back muscles. All you need is a mat and we will leave you standing tall and proud after just 15 minutes.

  • Sculpt in 15 - Lean Thighs & Tight Abs

    This is a fast-paced thigh and ab attack. Grab a chair and a towel and chrissy will guide you through the rest.

  • Sculpt in 15 - Hip Strength & Mobility

    Chrissy is here to guide you through 15 minutes of hip opening and strengthening sequences. All you need is a mat on the floor and Chrissy is there to guide you through every step.

  • Sculpt in 15 - Shoulder & Thigh Surprise

    Enjoy an energetic 15 minutes with founder Chrissy as she works your shoulders and thighs in this fast-moving and fun workout. All you need is a mat and we will leave you feeling energised for the day ahead.