Beginner and Pre/Post Natal Barre

Beginner and Pre/Post Natal Barre

Jennifer is our Barre expert, and her beginner barre series is the perfect way to start discovering this ‘body changing’ workout. 

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Beginner and Pre/Post Natal Barre
  • Beginner Barre [1 of 3]

    Sculpt your whole body without burning it out, with this 45-minute Barre session. Jennifer will offer modifications throughout, for beginners and pre/post natal, so you'll be moving safely and effectively.

  • Beginner Barre [2 of 3]

    Dear mums and mums-to-be, this is the perfect workout for you! Join Jennifer for this joyful 45-minute full-body Barre session, also ideal if you've never tried Barre before and are curious about this fantastic discipline! All you need is a mat and a chair.

  • Beginner Barre [3 of 3]

    This is the right place to start if you are new to Barre, if you are pre/post natal... or if you simply feel like working out but taking things slowly. Join Jennifer on the mat, you'll also need a chair or a sturdy piece of furniture for stability during the standing poses.