Meditation collection

Meditation collection

Be kind to yourself and find some inner peace with our Meditations sessions. Our expert Catherine will help you de-stress and reset as she guides you through a centering meditation practice.

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Meditation collection
  • Meditation Q&A

    Our Expert Catherine answers some of the most asked meditation questions. Something to reassure any of you who’ve never tried to meditate before, or to bring inspiration to those of you who already meditate….

  • Meditation, 30 minutes, Catherine

    Our Expert Catherine will guide you through a 30-minute Meditation session, focused on calming your mind and restore your body.

  • Meditation, 30 minutes, Catherine

    Join Catherine for this soothing meditation session, and let her guide you through a journey of relaxation for both your mind and body.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Standing in Stillness

    We don’t always have to be sitting to meditate. Standing and finding our feet is a great way to ‘drop into’ meditation at any point in the day. In the summer, being on the grass barefoot is great, but equally you could be standing on a bus or in a queue and do this!

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Counting to Calm

    The 4-7-8 breathing is a technique proven to bring us into the parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ side of our nervous system. Use whenever you feel overwhelmed, or in need of relaxation, or a shift in mood.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Finding your Centre

    This is a very simple yet profound practice for connecting to your inner self, particularly if you need to go beyond all the distractions and responsibilities of your day to tune into the subtler side of yourself.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Got your back

    This any time/anywhere meditation is great for when you feel tense anxiety in the body and need a quick relaxation. It’s a melting practice which shifts our attention to our back body - normally when we’re externally focused all our attention is at the front. Bringing ourselves back, as it were, ...

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Sleep

    Fall into a deeper relaxation to help you sleep better! Throughout this meditation, always feel free to adjust your posture, so that you are comfortable, relaxed. If your mind wanders, always remember to come back to your breathing. And remember, this is all your own experience.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Fully present

    This is a very simple and quick meditation to bring us back to the present moment - with all the distractions in life, we constantly need to do this! So, bookmark this session and keep coming back to it whenever you need to.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Soothing Breath

    Deeply relax with the natural sound and sensation of breath.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Clear and Calm

    Declutter a busy mind with this letting go technique.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Find your Centre

    Tune into the still point beyond thoughts and distractions with Catherine and the third episode of this meditation series.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Get Grounded

    Feeling overwhelmed? Come back to the present moment here, with this 15-minute meditation session with Catherine.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Resting with Nature

    Drink in the mindful, soothing power of the outdoors with Catherine and this Meditation session

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, New Dawn, New Day

    Set your intentions for the day and learn about the importance of a morning practice with Catherine and her celebration of the dawn.

  • Serene in 15 - Sanctury of Green Meditation

    A 15-minute standing practice. A walking meditation to bring you calm and keep you grounded.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Walk into Silence

    Meditation can happen anywhere and in this calming outdoor session Catherine will guide you in a calming and soothing walking meditation.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Summer Sensations

    Meditate with Catherine as you become aware of your body and all the sensations around you.

  • Serene in 15, Meditation, Earth and Sky Relaxation

    Feel the breath moving in your body, as it melds into the earth and opens to the sky.