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New This Week!

New This Week!

Looking for inspiration for your next workout? Here's a selection of some of our newest multi-level sessions to keep you moving, restoring and thriving!

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New This Week!
  • How to prepare your space

  • Core, 30 minutes, Jennifer

    Get ready for a challenging Core session with Jennifer today! All you need is a mat.

  • Barre, Beginner & Pre/Post Natal, 45 minutes, Jennifer

    Wherever you are on your wellness journey, Jennifer's sessions are a very good place to start! Pre and Post Natal, Jennifer will offer you a lot of variations and modifications throughout your class, so you can move safely and effectively. Equipment needed: a mat or a towel and a chair or a stur...

  • Pilates, 45 minutes, Trevor

    Beat those January blues with Trevor and this dynamic Pilates session! You will be flowing from one exercise to the other, making the transitions part of the exercise itself.

  • Barre Cardio, 30 minutes, Edward

    A mat, trainers, and a chair or a sturdy piece of furniture: that's all you need to feel absolutely fantastic in just 30 minutes!

  • HIIT, 30 minutes, Edward

    A 30-minute HIIT with Edward is perfect if you need a quick sculpting routine. You will tone your whole body and feel energised and strong afterwards!

  • Barre, Beginner & Pre/Post Natal, 45 minutes, Jennifer

    This is your time, your body, your workout! Jennifer's Barre classes are suitable for anybody who is pre or post natal, or simply new to Barre. Grab yourself a mat (or a towel) and a dining chair, or a sturdy piece of furniture for your standing sequences.