Flexibility Challenge

  • Flexibility Challenge - Full Body Balance

    Our Silver Linings Expert Rachel guides you through a challenging 45-minute full-body Pilates matwork. There are plenty of modifications available if you need them. Expect to feel taller with a sense of freedom throughout your body by the end of this session!

  • Flexibility Challenge - Lubricate the Hips & Shoulders

    Join our Silver Linings Expert, Rachel, as she guides you through a 45-minute full-body Pilates workout that focuses on your balance, posture and flexibility in your hips and shoulders. 

  • Flexibility Challenge - Restore The Nervous System

    This restorative yoga session with Expert, Trevor, will gently heat up the body with gentle flowing sequences followed by deeper Yin Yoga postures to release tension and calm the nervous system.

  • Flexibility Challenge - Open Hips & Sense of Calm

    Let Silver Linings Founder and Expert, Chrissy, help you find a sense of calm whilst releasing your muscle tension and improving your flexibility with this 30-minute Stretch session.

  • Flexibility Challenge - Chest & Hamstring Release

    Open your front body, hips and hamstrings in this gorgeous stretch session with Silver Linings Founder and Expert, Chrissy.

  • Flexibility Challenge - Full Body Unwind & De-Stress

    Profoundly and gently release your entire body in this short 30 minute session with Silver Linings Expert, Vanessa. Unwind tightness in the back, hips and hamstrings and feel a sense of freedom of movement the rest of the day.

  • Flexibility Challenge - Core Strengthen & Lengthen

    Silver Linings Expert, Rachel, guides you through a 45-minute full-body Pilates workout that focuses on your core stability improving your balance, posture and flexibility.