Bridal Ready

Bridal Ready

A series of focused sessions designed to prepare you for an event or wedding. Each session is designed to be accessible to all levels and leave you feeling amazing!

Bridal Ready
  • Bridal Ready - Introduction

  • Bridal Ready 1 - Arms

    Allow Chrissy to guide you through this short but effective arm-focused workout. We know that you want feminine, toned muscles rather than 'bulky muscles, so you will not need weights, just a mat on the floor and 15 minutes of your time!

  • Bridal Ready 2 - Energy Boost

    In this session Chrissy focuses on raising the heart-rate and your metabolic rate in a way that will have those feel-good hormones rushing around the body and you will return to your 'wed-min' with renewed clarity and energy. All you need is a mat on the floor and you are ready to go! Enjoy!

  • Bridal Ready 3 - Backbody

    We often forget about the back body but its so key to strengthen it and open the front body so that you stand taller and prouder. in this session Chrissy will share her favourite exercises for toning and strengthening the hamstrings, lifting the glutes and toning the back ready for that sleeveles...

  • Bridal Ready 4 - Posture Perfect

    In this session, Chrissy will guide you through a series of exercises designed to improve your posture and balance so that you will be ready to glide down the aisle with beautiful posture, poise and balance. You will need a chair and a mat for the session.

  • Bridal Ready 5 - Calm & Serene

    The build-up to a wedding or any big event can be stressful so here is the perfect session to support you. These gentle stretch sequences and breath work are perfect for elongating the muscles, opening your posture and calming the mind. You will need a mat, a cushion and either a yoga bolster ...