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  • Flexibility Challenge

    7 videos

  • Sculpt in 15

    9 videos

  • Challenge Barre Collection

    12 videos

    Let Silver Linings Expert & Founder Chrissy bring a smile to your day with this 45-minute toning Barre workout. Equipment needed: a chair or a sturdy piece of furniture.

  • Pilates Beginner Matwork Collection

    9 videos

    Join our Silver Linings Expert Rachel as she guides you through a 45-minute full-body Pilates matwork suitable for beginners or those completely new to this discipline.

  • Silver Linings @Work

    9 videos

    This series is perfect wherever you are working. Find greater calm, focus and physical ease with this range of disciplines and experts from the Silver Linings team.

  • Grazia
    1 video


    1 video

  • Barre Cardio Collection

    18 videos

    We are delighted to present our new Barre Cardio format: a 30-minute, high-energy, low-impact cardio format created by ex-ballerina and founder Chrissy Sundt! Experience the famous barre burn in a beautifully choreographed format that will get the endorphins rushing!

  • New This Week!

    1 video

    Looking for inspiration for your next workout? Here's a selection of some of our newest multi-level sessions to keep you moving, restoring and thriving!

  • Nutrition With Silver Linings

    5 videos

    Join our Expert Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr for a series of wellbeing and nutrition talks. She will be sharing her top tips and tricks to make your wellness journey easier.

  • Toned in 10

    14 videos

    Join our Experts on the mat for short 10-minute sessions designed to target and tone the whole body in a super-efficient way

  • Serene in 15

    28 videos

    We are delighted to launch Serene in 15, a series of short sessions focused on mindful movement, stretching and soothing meditation practices to de-stress mind and body.

  • Qi Gong
    9 videos

    Qi Gong

    9 videos

    What is Qi Gong? In essence, Qi Gong supports us to become more present in our bodies and as the mind quietens, so the heart can begin to settle. The more you cultivate your practice the more you experience a greater sense of wellbeing, relaxation, connectedness and stronger immunity to name a f...

  • Pilates for Beginners Series

    3 videos

    Your Pilates journey starts here! Join our experts on the mat for a series of 30-minute videos on how to improve your posture and stand taller!

  • Intermediate Pilates Series

    3 videos

    Are you ready to progress your Pilates work? Join Rachel for this intermediate series, perfect if you have been doing Pilates for a while and feel ready for a challenge!

  • Introduction to Meditation – Beginner Series

    4 videos

    Your Meditation journey starts here! Join our Expert Catherine for an introductory course on guided meditation.

  • Meditation collection

    20 videos

    Be kind to yourself and find some inner peace with our Meditations sessions. Our expert Catherine will help you de-stress and reset as she guides you through a centering meditation practice.

  • Stretch Collection

    9 videos

    Join our experts on the mat for a stretching and lengthening practice that will sooth your tight muscles and ease your mind.

  • Core Collection

    27 videos

    Get tight and toned with our abs-focused Core sessions! Our experts will show you how to work your core 360 degrees and get that sexy, strong waistline you've always dreamed of.

  • Barre Collection

    29 videos

    Embrace the shake and burn as you find length and strength with our barre sessions, designed to sculpt your whole body.

  • Pilates Collection

    22 videos

    Improve your posture, stand taller and feel stronger with these bespoke pilates sessions.

  • HIIT Collection

    19 videos

    Let’s get sweaty and burn some calories with these fun and high intensity sessions!

  • Beginner Vinyasa Collection

    9 videos

    In this beginner Hatha-based vinyasa, we combine the rhythm of the breath with the flowing movement from pose to pose to allow the practice to centre the mind and to enhance the bodies natural strength and flexibility. These flowing classes allow you to work at your own level and to allow the pra...

  • Vinyasa Flow Collection

    6 videos

    Stabilise and energise your body with our beautiful dynamic sessions, specially created to make you feel sweaty and centred!

  • Restorative Yoga Collection

    6 videos

    Join our Experts on the mat for a completely different experience than most other styles of yoga. Restorative yoga is all about slowing down and opening your body. Sessions are 60-minute long.

  • Wellness Shots

    10 videos

    Got 5 minutes? Try out our wellness shots to help you move, restore and thrive!

  • Ashtanga Yoga collection

    6 videos

    Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic vinyasa yoga in which the breath is synchronised with the movements. The poses are linked together in a flowing sequence that energises and releases the body while focusing and calming the mind. In this class you will be led through the Ashtanga half Primary Series whic...

  • Beginner and Pre & Post Natal Barre

    26 videos

    Whether you are new to Barre, looking to beat the post-baby blues or stay strong as the bump grows... we've got you covered! Join our experts on the mat for safe and effective barre sessions.

  • Catherine
    25 videos


    25 videos

    Catherine’s 20+ year journey with yogic practices began while she was writing/styling/editing glossy magazines such as Marie Claire, Psychologies, Porter and Conde Nast Traveller. She experienced profound benefits physically, mentally and emotionally, and began taking periods of time out to learn...

  • Chrissy
    69 videos


    69 videos

    Chrissy is a classical Pilates, Yoga and Barre instructor with a deep passion for movement and holistic forms of exercise. She has been teaching for over 16 years and combines teaching with her ongoing work as a choreographer. After 8 years of training at the Royal Ballet School and a dance caree...

  • Clarissa
    5 videos


    5 videos

    Clarissa is a Harley Street, Registered Nutritionist (mBANT, mCNHC, Dip-NT) trained in nutritional therapy and a graduate of the College of Natural Medicine. In her private practice, she’s supported clients of all ages and she works with both families and individuals. She’s also held nutrition wo...

  • Edward
    40 videos


    40 videos

    Edward’s classes are non-judgemental spaces where everyone, of any ability, is welcome. He brings crystal clear instruction, lots of humour and plenty of encouragement in order for you to push yourself and thrive.

    Edward is from London and trained in dance and musical theatre at London Studio ...

  • Jennifer
    40 videos


    40 videos

    Jennifer began dancing at the age of 5 and has continued to dance all her life spending many years on pointe. She has a true love for movement and her competitive spirit pushes her to set challenges for herself, always improve and never give up. Her aim is to bring her clients along with her, enc...

  • Tallulah
    9 videos


    9 videos

    Tallulah Rendall is a Qi Gong Teacher, Sound Therapist, Creative Facilitator and Songstress empowering people to lead happier, healthier and more embodied lives.

  • Rachel
    30 videos


    30 videos

    Rachel became a full-time Pilates instructor in 2005, certified through Power Pilates. Whilst living in the USA, she taught at the Power Pilates head quarters in New York City and at Classical Pilates studios in the Washington DC area.

    In her years of teaching Pilates Rachel has studied with and...

  • Ross
    12 videos


    12 videos

    Trained professionally in Musical Theatre and Dance and performed all over the world before finding his feet in the fitness world and started squatting from there!

    Growing up in Scotland, Ross played football from a young age alongside training in ballet, now he does it ALL! His intense Core and...

  • Trevor
    30 videos


    30 videos

    Trevor has been a professional dancer for the last 22 years where he worked with many international ballet companies and appeared in musical theatre shows around the globe. Throughout his dance career Trevor always turned to Pilates to strengthen his dance technique and to prevent and repair inju...

  • Vanessa
    22 videos


    22 videos

    Vanessa’s teaching style makes people feel welcome, included, respected and safe. Her 30 year journey through movement has enabled her to develop a practice, which also draws on wisdom from Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, Barre and Somatics, to alleviate stress, fear, anxiety, and soothe the ner...

  • Silver Linings @Home Membership

    The Silver Linings At Home Membership - Less than £3 a week. Discover your membership options here.

    By subscribing, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to Silver Linings @Home ...

  • Barre Addicts

    3 videos

    The perfect gift for an experienced barre lover who wants to raise the bar! Silver Linings Founder Chrissy offers:

    High-energy sessions
    Lots of great challenges
    You will never plateau!

    By purchasing, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to Silver Linings @Home

  • Beginner and Pre/Post Natal Barre

    3 videos

    Jennifer is our Barre expert, and her beginner barre series is the perfect way to start discovering this ‘body changing’ workout. 

    By purchasing, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to Silver Linings @Home Waiver Release.